LMX, or Liquid Domains (LX) Market Exchange (ME), is a domain trading platform specifically built for investors. LMX was created by a team of domain veterans with over a decade of combined experience in the industry.

How is LMX different from other domain platforms?


  • 3 letter .com domains only! Search for 3 letter .com domains without having to filter through non-premium inventory. Create opportunity alerts and get notified as soon as a domain with the features you are looking for gets listed in the marketplace.
  • Automated negotiation process. Make expiring offers on the domains you want. Once your offer is accepted, the transaction starts automatically on Escrow.com. No more emails going back and forth between you and the seller to set up a transaction.
  • Flat fee. Fees should not be as high as 15% for your transactions. LMX only charges a small flat fee.


  • Instant targeted exposure. List your domains and get them instantly exposed to the most active buyers of 3 letter .com domains. Get qualified offers from them, while simultaneously avoiding low-ball offers by setting a minimum offer level.
  • Automated negotiation process. Once you accept an offer for your domain, the transaction starts automatically on Escrow.com. No more emails going back and forth between you and the buyer.
  • Sell faster. Why waiting 30+ days before your domains go to auctions? Or why rely on an inefficient, manual brokerage process? List your 3 letter .com domain at the right price and start receiving offers right away. Our clients have sold domains as quickly as a few minutes:
I sold my three letter .com domain within 15 minutes of setting the right price on LMX.com. From setting the price to agreeing to Escrow.com terms, transferring the domain and receiving payment, everything went smoothly.
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