Getting Started Guide


What is LMX?

LMX is the Liquid Market Exchange. It is a platform specifically designed for investors who frequently buy and sell liquid domains, by offering them a platform in which they can find deals and liquidate their domains in the shortest time possible.

Which domains can I list on LMX?

LMX supports the 676 two letter .com and .net domains (2L .com and 2L .net); 17,656 three letter .com and .net (3L .com and 3L .net); the 100 two number .com and .net (2N .com and 2N .net); the 1,000 three number .com and .net (3N .com and 3N .net); the 10,000 four number .com  and .net (4N .com and 3N .net); the 520 two characters .com and .net (2C .com and 2C .net); the 456,976 four letter .com (4L); the 100,000 five number .com (5N); the 28,000 three character .com (3C) and most One Word .com domains with an EstiBot value above $10,000 USD.

Is the platform mobile friendly?

Yes! You can use LMX comfortably on a mobile.


How do I sign up for LMX? Is it free?

Simply click the “Apply for a Free Account” on and follow the instructions. Creating an account is free. Make sure to insert all your details correctly, especially your email.

If you do not have an account, we advise you to create one as soon as possible and upload your email on your LMX profile. Without an account, you won’t be able to participate in transactions.

Make sure also to verify your account according to the procedure. Failure to do so might cause delays during a transaction.

I’m done signing up/creating an account. Where do I go from here?

If you are interested in buying, start browsing the available listings and setting up opportunity alerts, so you will be instantly notified as soon as a domain that matches your criteria gets listed for sale.

To set up opportunity alerts, simply click on “Add an alert criteria”, and select your favorite domain features, budget and notification frequency.

You can also set up opportunity alerts on the “Browse Listing” page, by clicking the “Get Notified” icon.

If you are interested in selling, how about listing your domains for sale? Simply click the “Create a Listing” icon and follow the instructions.

Feel also free to say hi at [email protected] and let us know what you think!


How do I list a domain?

Simply click the “Create a Listing” icon and follow the instructions. Make sure to select an asking price and activate your listing by clicking the activation email or adding a TXT record.

If you have trouble activating a listing, please send us an email at [email protected]

What are the fees to list on LMX?

There are no fees to list on LMX. In case of a transaction, the seller is charged a 7.5% fee, with a minimum of 1,000 USD. As of the 15th of October 2020, the platform fee is 5% with a $500 minimum (no cap). We recommend you to always check the related fee structure before accepting any offer.

What is the Floor Price?

The Floor Price is the price under which offers will be ignored. For example, if you list a domain with a $30,000 USD floor price, you will miss all the offers under $30,000. This is why we recommend setting the floor price to the minimum at which you would like to receive bids.

How can I sell my domain faster?

Selling a liquid domain is simply a matter of setting the right price. The lower the price, the higher your chances of getting offers and selling your domain.

If you wish to sell your domain faster, we recommend to set up a realistic price and gradually reduce it until you receive a bid you are satisfied with.

Every time you reduce the price of the domain by 5%, the buyers watching your domain will get notified about the price reduction and will have a chance to bid.


How do I make an offer?

To make an offer, simply click on the listing, then click on the “Make an Offer” button.

What is “Funds Guarantee”?

“Funds Guarantee” is the amount of time you need to fund the transaction. As a courtesy to the seller, please select the number of days you need to fund the transaction.

What happens when I submit a counteroffer?

When you submit a counteroffer, you decline the current offer (which you can no longer accept) and propose a private counteroffer to the buyer who previously submits an offer. The buyer will have a chance to accept your counteroffer, decline it, or propose a new counteroffer.

Can I withdraw an offer/counteroffer?

Yes, you can withdraw an offer or counteroffer anytime, unless the buyer/seller has accepted your offer already. All offers and counteroffers expire automatically after 72 hours.

How do I know that the domain is owned by the person who listed it?

We verify the domain ownership in the following ways:

1) By sending an email to the owner’s whois contact.
2) In case the whois is blocked or private, the seller can add a TXT record.

If you have issues activating your domain, please send us an email at [email protected]

Our support may request additional verification on each listing.


What happens when an offer/counteroffer is accepted?

As soon as an offer/counteroffer is accepted, LMXwill automatically generate an transaction. You simply need to follow the instructions in the emails.

Who pays for the fees?

The buyer is always responsible for the fees. Please make sure to check the associated fees before making a bid.

How do I make sure I am protected during a transaction and that the buyer/seller is not scamming me? concierge service gives you the highest level of protection whenever you buy or sell a domain by making sure both payment and domain are held by a trusted third party ( before disbursement. For more information, please check the page.

How do I switch on the concierge?

The concierge fee is used by default on every listing.

How do I make sure the domain I am buying is not stolen?

Our team aims to verify that the domains listed on LMX are not stolen and owned by a rightful owner. This being said, LMX cannot be responsible for transactions involving stolen domains, as each transaction is the sole responsibility of the buyer and seller. LMX waives any and all liabilities in case damages arise using the information on the platform. We encourage you to carefully perform your own due diligence before making any bid or entering any transaction. For more information, please read our Terms and Conditions.